General waste

What you can’t reduce, reuse or recycle, we can recover or safely dispose of

For waste that can’t be recycled, Viridor is investing in new state-of-the-art energy recovery facilities to squeeze as much energy as we can out of residual waste.

We guarantee that working with Viridor will increase your resource efficiency. With the benefit of our experience, you could reduce your investment in materials and often save money from better management of the waste your business produces.

We will tailor the service we provide to your business needs; whether that’s providing the right containers and equipment or a flexible collection that fits around your schedule.

What happens to my waste?

  1. Collected: We will provide your business with a reliable and efficient collection service for your waste management requirements
  2. Recovered: Our state-of-the-art energy recovery facilities will recover energy from waste that can’t be recycled
  3. Disposal: For waste that must be sent to landfill, we adhere to the highest environmental standards and are still able to generate renewable energy from the controlled collection of gas
  4. We turn our finished landfills into havens for wildlife and capture gas that is turned into renewable power and donate £millions from the landfill communities fund to support local community projects.

We can help you drive down costs

Whether you produce paper, cardboard, glass, plastic bottles or a combination of these, we can help you recycle quickly and easily through our mixed recycling service, saving you space, time and hassle.

After a free waste audit, our team will be able to advise you on how to reduce the size and weight of your general waste bin, helping you save on costs associated with environmental compliance and landfill tax.

Our facilities

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