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Viridor are working with a leading manufacturer in engineered polymer solutions. Their solutions are used in a variety of industries, including rail, air and sea.

A tailored service 

The manufacturer was previously using a waste and recycling provider which was unreliable, communicated poorly and gave no additional learning resources to help improve recycling levels. This prompted the decision to look for an alternative supplier. Viridor was happy to help. By managing all waste streams under one efficient umbrella and sharing our knowledge and expertise, we helped reduced costs and increase recycling levels across the business.


Viridor identified recycling, recovery and education opportunities:

  • Viridor will explore all avenues before deep landfill – e.g. in this case, large module shells were recycled instead of being sent to deep landfill, as had happened previously. 
  • Viridor work with customers to increase, improve and beat recycling targets.

A flexible service

The local Viridor customer service and logistics teams, including the dedicated Account Manager, use local knowledge to provide a timely, efficient and flexible service.

  • Simple and reliable. Viridor now manage all of the manufacturer’s waste streams.
  • Consultative. Viridor will explore all disposal avenues before resorting to deep landfill.
  • Education and communication. Viridor made a 100% improvement on the level of information provided by previous suppliers.

Increase understanding

As part of Viridor’s aftersales support package, the manufacturer was invited to visit all facilities that deal with their individual waste streams. Learnings from these visits by key members of staff, led to better segregation of waste on-site and helped reduce costs long-term. Viridor works in partnership with companies to make improvements that minimise costs and maximise environmental efficiencies, which benefits all partners.

Viridor is a partner of choice for the manufacturing industry

As a preferred recycling and waste management supplier for the manufacturing industry, Viridor builds on its considerable experience to offer the best possible service to its customers.

Benefits of working with Viridor* :

  • Value for money
  • Compliance
  • Flexibility
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • ERIC reporting and Duty of Care
  • Cost saving opportunities
  • Quality assurance

* identified by NoE CP