Waste and Recycling

Waste and Recycling

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Where society sees waste, Viridor sees recourses.  

We have the solutions to help the more than 150 local authorities, public bodies and leading businesses we work with to manage their waste into useable resources and support a more circular economy.      

At Viridor we leverage our industry-leading expertise and technological investment to offer one of the most complete waste-to-resource management solutions in the UK market.


We can organise an efficient and competitive local, regional or national collections service for both recyclable and residual, non-recyclable waste.

We offer full compliance and traceability, giving you peace of mind that your waste and recycling is being managed responsibly and sustainably. 

Viridor incorporates a unique in-house trading division, getting the recycled materials back into the economy as quick and efficient as possible. 

But what about your residual, non-recyclable waste? This is then fed to our fleet of Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs) so that the chemical energy contained in your waste can be recovered and supplied back to the national grid as electricity to power our cars, homes, businesses, schools and hospitals.  

We can work with your staff to understand better how to make their recycling as complete as possible and how their actions and behaviours impact on recycling and recovery after your waste is collected.

We can also provide on-site education for your customers so that they can better understand their place in supporting a more circular economy. 

We believe in a world without waste, where reusing, reducing, recycling and recovery are our new normal.