Viridor Credits

Viridor Credits is an independent charity and registered Distributive Environmental Body.  It receives discretionary funding from Viridor via the Landfill Communities Fund. 

Viridor Credits Environmental Company was established in 2001 to distribute funding to local projects across the UK. Viridor Credits funds community, heritage and biodiversity projects through the Landfill Communities Fund and Scottish Landfill Communities Fund. 

During 2017/18 we provided £7.6m in community support, sponsorship and charitable donations of which £7.3m was paid to Viridor Credits for distribution via the landfill communities fund.

There are 3 funding schemes in England:

• Small Grants scheme (up to £20,000)
• Main Grants Scheme (£20,001-50,000)
• Large Grants Scheme (£50,001-100,000)

And one in Scotland:

• Scottish Landfill Communities Fund (applications up to £50,000). 

Projects that have recently benfitted from Viridor Credits funding include:

  • All Saints Church, Whitstable – On 14th November 2018, All Saints Church secured £40,000 in funding from Viridor Credits for two projects. One to create a disabled toilet in the church hall and the other to resurface the pathways around the church itself.
  • Bridgwater Cricket Club, Somerset – After receiving funding for new practice nets in 2015, the club re-approached Viridor Credits. In 2018 the cricket club received £14,574 donation which allowed the purchase of a new mower, refurbishment of their artificial wicket, sightscreens, a new scoreboard and internal refurbishment of the Clubhouse itself. 
  • Royal Observatory, London – The Victorian observatory which was bombed in the war and almost demolished in the 1950s, has been returned to its original purpose as a star-gazing facility with the installation of the Annie Maunder Astrolographic Telescope. This was possible as Viridor Credits supported the observatory with a donation of £49,500 in June 2018.

For further information or to enquire about funding, visit the Viridor Credits website.