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Our responsibility towards the local environment doesn’t finish when a landfill is full. In addition to managing our active sites we also continue to care for 32 closed landfills across the UK.  

Using our expertise in restoration, we can take a number of different approaches to closing a landfill site so that it contributes to the biodiversity value of the local area. Our sites have been restored to heathland, species rich grassland, woodland and amenity parkland. The restoration schemes of most sites incorporate a combination of these habitats to maximise the value to local wildlife. 

But we don’t work alone; we’re stronger in partnership with our expert partners. With their help we were the first waste management company in the UK to achieve the Wildlife Trusts’ Biodiversity Benchmark status at a landfill site. We’re proud to now have this accreditation across eight of our sites: Tatchells and Warmwell in Dorset; Odcombe, Dimmer and Poole (Wellington) in Somerset; Lackford in Suffolk Wootton in Northamptonshire and Beddingham in East Sussex.  

The transformations have been really successful, and the sites have become havens for several rare and endangered species. Beddingham has been restored to a chalk grassland in keeping with the landscape of the South Downs National Park. In the 2017 survey 27 species of butterfly were recorded on site including 6 UK priority species. Tatchells now provides a home for all 6 UK reptile species as well as a host of birds and invertebrates. Wootton continues to be an important grassland butterfly site in the county and is noted as a key population area for Essex skipper and marbled white. Lackford has been restored to a species rich grassland that supports many bat species. We continue to make enhancement to the habitats and are all thriving thanks to our careful land management and support from organisations such as county Wildlife Trusts and local butterfly & reptile societies.




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