Avonmouth Polymers Recycling Facility

Viridor’s ambitious new facility will be a game changer in our work recycling more of our waste and to reduce our use of polluting plastics – cutting exports of waste and making better use of our resources.

Jo Churchill, UK Resources and Waste Minister

Viridor's Avonmouth facility is a UK first - a co-located plastics reprocessing facility and an ERF on the same site.

As well as generating an immense amount of electricity per annum, but the plastics reprocessing facility will reprocess over 80,000 tonnes of plastic every year - more than 1.6 billion bottles, tubs, and trays – creating recycled raw material to return to the economy. 

Plastic recycling at the facility will save 126,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, the equivalent of taking over 67,000 cars off the road.

The addition of Avonmouth EfW to the Viridor fleet, diverting non-recyclable waste from landfill across the UK, is cause for celebration. Optimising resource and energy efficiency and providing the infrastructure investment needed to make a meaningful contribution to the UK’s green economy continues to be the aim of our business strategy.

Kevin Bradshaw, CEO

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