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Of the four and a half million tonnes of plastic produced in the UK annually, about 85% used to go to landfill.

Now over 45% of plastic bottles are collected for recycling; and this is still increasing.

But too much plastic still ends up in landfill when there are so many uses it, ranging from new bottles and food trays to underground drainage products and even fibre-fill for sort furnishings.

The primary opportunities for recycling plastic are in PET and HDPE. These types of plastic can successfully replace virgin polymer, saving energy and CO2 in the process.

Giving new life to empty cola bottles

We have made significant investments in facilities that supply the market with what it demands. Our newest plastics recovery facility in Rochester separates over 6,000 tonnes of plastic a month into 8 streams of materials. In addition, our Skelmersdale facility accepts over 3,000 tonnes of baled plastic bottles which will be processed and sold back into the manufacturing chain.

Each site operates under the highest quality, environmental, energy efficiency, and health and safety standards – certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 respectively.

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