Sustainable Procurement

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In pursuit of a cohesive, proactive and sustainable procurement function, which works to the benefit of our customers and our suppliers; the following strategic principles for procurement have been established:

  • A safe, resilient and sustainable supply chain - responsive , future proofing and adaptable to meet our internal and external customers’ requirements and our changing business needs, promoting safe practices.
  • Facilitating  growth –best in class market leaders, enhancing our market reputation and proactively seeking new opportunities and innovation
  • Driving value and challenging for benefit - maximising value and efficiencies; minimising costs.
  • Fit for purpose - right quality services, works or goods at the right time in the right place with suppliers consistently performing to the right standard and promoting safety.
  • Accessible and accountable - Easy to do business for internal and external users with while promoting good governance and auditable data. Effective  performance management and reporting enables informed decisions across the business.


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