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Cardiff EfW

Cardiff Timelapse

Trident Park Energy Recovery Facility in Cardiff is now only a few months away from completion.

Once fully operational the facility will be handling 350,000 tonnes of residual waste, or post-recycling waste, per year, generating 28MW of electricity - enough to power around 50,000 households.  172,000 tonnes of that waste will be coming from five Councils that make up the Prosiect Gwyrdd partnership: Cardiff, Newport, Monmouthshire, Vale of Glamorgan and Caerphilly. 

LATEST UPDATE FROM SITE – 16 October 2014 @ 2200

The facility is currently in the hot commissioning phase, whereby heat is being introduced to the plant and all the systems and elements involved are tested and prepared for normal operations.

Hot commissioning is progressing well.  Waste is being burned intermittently and steam blowing has commenced.

Full pressure steam blowing involves high pressure steam running through the pipes to ensure they are clean and clear following the construction process.  Steam blowing will produce a visible plume of steam and can be a noisy process consisting of a loud rumbling noise.    

The steam blowing process will involve several blows each day (including the weekend) lasting for approximately 15 minutes each time and continue for a period of around 10 days.

Steam blowing is a standard and safe process that is part of the commissioning process only.  

Should anyone have any concerns about the facility or operations at the site, please contact: 07717 873063

Finding Cardiff EfW


The proposed plant is located at Trident Park, Cardiff between Ocean Way and the docks on the site of the former Nippon Electric Gas site. The postcode for the site is CF24 5EN.

Cardiff Map
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