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Recycling Minister opens Salmon Pastures, Viridor’s Advanced Recycling Facility in Sheffield

Posted 13 Apr 2011

Lord Henley opens Salmon Pastures MRF

Viridor, one of the UK’s leading recycling, waste management and renewable energy companies, is today celebrating the opening of its advanced recycling operation at Salmon Pastures in Sheffield. The site, opened by the recycling minister, Lord Henley, consists of a state-of-the-art Glass Recycling Facility and Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), and also has the capacity to deal with products that require secure destruction.

The Salmon Pastures site forms part of Viridor’s wider strategy to help businesses recycle more materials across the UK. The glass recycling facility, which is capable of processing 100,000 tonnes of glass per year, will accept all varieties of container glass, reprocessing them into high quality raw materials for the glass container and fibreglass market. Also recently commissioned is the 100,000 tonne per annum MRF, which handles vast quantities of waste arising from industrial and commercial customers and local authorities across the North of England, helping them significantly reduce reliance on landfill in the region.

The official opening of the Salmon Pastures facility originally had to be postponed due to the snow in the Sheffield area in December last year. The rescheduled event is taking place alongside Lord Henley’s visit to other sites in the Sheffield area to learn about waste treatment and air quality.

During the opening of the Salmon Pastures Advanced Recycling Facility, Lord Henley said, “Recycling and effective waste management are becoming increasingly important to businesses and the general public, many of whom now realise what can and must be done to minimise waste to landfill and make better use of what we’ve got. The technology at this Viridor facility is highly impressive.

“Facilities such as Salmon Pastures recycling plant help us to ensure that Britain is recycling effectively and responsibly, recovering useful resources from materials that are discarded and contributing to a low carbon economy."

Bob Armstrong, Viridor’s Regional Manager responsible for the site added: “The Salmon Pastures site is an excellent example of our continued investment in effective recycling operations to produce high quality materials from what would have previously have been wasted. With the plant now fully operational, the opening event has enabled us to explain how we work hard behind the scenes to safely and efficiently sort and recycle a wide range of materials on behalf of our customers.

“Viridor is helping local authorities and businesses to recycle more, saving money and carbon wherever possible. Our sector faces tough challenges in providing vital infrastructure amid changing policy, but with the success of facilities such as this one, the UK can move towards real resource efficiency.”